Monday, June 4, 2007

Far East Drama

This is my husband's personal favorite, as he is absolutely obsessed with Asian culture. We started by painting our walls a rich red. The ceiling was painted black and covered with a sheer gold glaze, then a Chinese scroll wallpaper border was pasted along the edges. We also installed crown moulding. Next, we cut up our headboard and rebuilt it to resemble the gateway into a Japanese Shinto shrine. We did the same thing to our dresser mirror. We lacquered all the furniture shiny black. We decorated with several items we picked up while touring Asia, some airbrush paintings from a guy on the streets of Vietnam, fans from Beijing, that sort of thing. I painted three oblong canvases with a bamboo scene on it, just so I'd have something of mine up in the room. This room was very cozy, very dark, very romantic. You'd think that red wouldn't be a calming color, but it really worked out that way.

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