Monday, June 4, 2007

Downtown Dining

Okay, I LOVE this dining room. It was so easy to do, too. I used a sponge I'd cut out in the shape of a brick along with a variety of red, grey, and white paint to stamp the pattern onto the walls. I then used a number 2 pencil to shade the bricks and add dimension. I then covered it all with a light gray wash, added some cracks and moss here and there, and voila! I also decoupaged the light switches, the table, and the doors of the buffet with a French script-covered paper, making them not only match, but one-of-a-kind. I picked up some cheap candle lamps, attached them to the walls, and voila! You have a very cozy dining room, reminiscent of an old downtown hole-in-the-wall cafe. Even better, though, we had a wonderful view of the forest about 100 feet away. You can't get that downtown!

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